Giving back to the communities we serve

The Talley Family and employees feel blessed in being able to grow an abundance of fresh food. We are involved in giving back to our communities in many different ways including donating food, money, gift certificates and our time. Your membership in our Talley Farms Box Program supports our various efforts to provide food and necessities to those less fortunate.

SLO Food Bank

Talley Farms has made a commitment to donate fresh produce weekly to the SLO Food Bank who distributes food to over 50 local organizations and distribution sites including churches, senior centers and schools. These pantry and meal sites are overseen by individual non-profit organizations who provide numerous services to those in need. We also contribute to the Santa Barbara Food Bank.

Gleaning is the collection of leftover crops from farmers’ fields after they have been commercially harvested or from fields where it is not economically profitable to harvest. As part of the SLO Food Bank, gleanSLO provides the insurance and oversight required for individuals to enter our fields and harvest produce that our farm does not plan to harvest for various reasons such as a shortage of labor. GleanSLO also collects a surplus of produce from backyards and gardens of community residents.

Talley Farms has teamed up with the YMCA to bring enriched nutrition education programs to over 700 children across SLO County. Through this partnership, the Talley Farms Box Program donates and delivers a specific fruit or vegetable on a weekly basis to over 10 locations while the YMCA teaches children how to prepare, cook, and eat these healthy foods – a key component of the Y’s Healthy Eating and Physical Activity program (HEPA).

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Churches, Schools, and other organizations

Talley Farms Box Program regularly donates gift certificates to schools and non-profit organizations so they may auction them off to raise money. We also donate produce to churches for their soup kitchens and food distribution programs. We work with our local high school for their special PE classes where students learn to exercise, cook and eat healthy. You’ll find numerous Talley employees serving on the boards and committees of these organizations giving of their time, talent and money.

Farm Address

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