Frequently asked questions

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You can receive the Original box weekly, every other week or monthly, and the Junior box weekly or every other week. Our system is flexible and you are able to cancel individual deliveries with one day’s notice, whether you are going on vacation or simply don’t want a box for that week. You may also add a box on a week you were not originally scheduled and you can always change your options like delivery week or pick up location, up until the day before delivery day.

The morning of your scheduled delivery day. The charge will be processed around 4 am. If your payment is declined your delivery will be cancelled until your payment information is updated. Be sure you let us know you updated your payment so we can pack and deliver your box, otherwise we will not know that you updated your card.

Yes! Every Saturday morning we send out an email to all of our subscribers that describes what is coming in each size Talley Farms Box. Even those members who are not scheduled for a box the coming week will receive this email. Perhaps they will choose to add a box! You may also customize the items in your box if you have Local Home Delivery, Overnight Shipping or you pick up at one of our many locations where we allow customization.

Yes! Our system is flexible and you are able to cancel individual deliveries with one day’s notice. Click here to watch a tutorial video on how to cancel a delivery. You can also deactivate one or more of your subscriptions in your account by contacting us at [email protected] or 805-489-5401. When a subscription is deactivated you will not receive a box or be charged for one but you will still receive our emails telling you what is in each box. Just let us know when you are ready to start eating healthy again and we can activate your subscription.

There is no commitment to signing up. You may cancel at any time with one day’s notice, even after receiving only one box. Just sign into your account and click on “cancel subscription.” You are also able to cancel individual deliveries with one day’s notice, whether you are going on vacation or simply don’t want a box for that week.

The cost of your box will depend on the options you choose.
Original box: $35, Junior: $30 when picked up from a drop off location in SLO or Santa Barbara County
Original box: $45, Junior: $40 for Local Home Delivery in SLO, Morro Bay, Los Osos, South County & Santa Maria
Original box: $48, Junior: $43 for Local Home Delivery in Atascadero, Cambria, Templeton & Paso Robles
Original box: $40, Junior: $35 when picked up from a drop off location in Bakersfield, Taft, or New Cuyama.
Original box: $47, Junior: $42 when picked up from a drop off location in Bishop or Mammoth Lakes
Original box: $52, Junior: $45 when shipped overnight to your home/office in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon or Washington

We have two different box sizes, Original and Junior and you can switch between the two sizes if you choose to. The Original Box is suggested weekly for a family of 2-5 people, depending on how much produce you eat and how often you eat at home. Our Original box contains an assortment of 9-12 different fruits & vegetables: 2-3 dinner vegetables, 2-3 sweet tasting fruits, and an assortment of fresh salad ingredients. Our Junior box contains 5-8 different fruits and vegetables and is suggested for an individual or couple.

Yes! Whether you are located here on the Central Coast of California, or most anywhere across the Western United States we can deliver directly to your home or office.

We take all kinds of credit and debit cards. Currently we do not take ACH or eCheck, but we’re working on that! We do take EBT but not online. We’re working on that too! Please visit the farm in person to pay with EBT. You may also write us a check made out to Talley Farms and mail it to us in advance of your delivery. You may also come to the farm and pay in cash. Our pick-up locations do NOT take payment.

Yes! When a friend who is an existing member refers you, just type their name in the section “where did you hear about us?” when you sign up. We’ll give them $10 off their next box. On the last page of the sign up section, enter coupon code FRIEND10 and we’ll give you $10 off your first box! (Cannot be combined with any other offer.)

Yes! Please contact us directly at [email protected] or 805-489-5401 to order a gift certificate or schedule a gift box delivery. We can bill your existing account for your gift or bill a credit/debit card through.

Just contact us at [email protected] or call us at 805-489-5401. Currently, our system is not able to redeem gift certificates online and we have to do it manually.

Perhaps you know of a needy relative or friend whom you would like to send a box to on a recurring basis. You may have more than one subscription in your account at a time and manage them online. You can even name each of your subscriptions so as to manage them more easily.
We deliver each week to the SLO Food Bank. If you would like to donate your box or an additional box, please notify Cindy at [email protected] or call us at 805-489-5401. We will bill you for the base price of your box (excluding shipping or delivery fees.) If you regularly receive an Original size Talley Farms Box, we will bill you for it but pack two Junior size boxes for your donation. Your name will be forwarded to the Food Bank who will email you a receipt for your donation. Thank you!

What we grow for our boxes we grow in certified organic fields (all except our non-GMO bi-color sweet corn which worms love!) When we grow in certified organic fields we must grow using organic fertilizers, sprays and materials. When we buy from other farms, we work to buy organic first if available. Local organic produce is not always available, especially in the winter when much of the organic produce is grown in Mexico. We focus on local first, organic when available, which gives our boxes more year-round variety, higher quality and better value. However, all of the farms we buy from practice strict food safety regulations and have food safety certifications. Please feel free to contact us with questions on how we grow. You can even ask for Tony Wheyland, our Organic Production Manager. We’ve been farming for over 70 years and the word “sustainability” is more than just a phrase for us!

No, we do not use GMO seed and non of the produce we buy from other growers is from GMO seed. Even our bi-color sweet corn comes from non-GMO seed.

Yes! We are certified yearly with GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and LGMA (Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement.) We go through annual scheduled audits and more frequent surprise audits.

We cannot say our boxes are certified organic boxes because there are weeks when not all the items in our boxes are certified organic. Under law, when a conventionally grown produce item touches a certified organic produce item, the organic item is no longer certified.

Yes, we offer farm tours on announced, scheduled days, usually during spring.  We offer educational farm tours for schools and other organizations but not in August through October when we are in the midst of our busy pepper season. Just contact us to schedule a tour for your organization.

No, not everything in our Talley Farms Boxes is grown by us. We buy from other local farms, giving our boxes more variety and good value.

Set up a subscription by clicking ‘Sign Up’ at the top of the page. You may select to pick up your box from one of our 70 locations from Paso Robles to Goleta or can choose to have your box delivered directly to your home or office. When you are scheduled for a box, go inside your pick up location within the scheduled pick up times, sign next to your name on the list, pick up the correct size box. Please return your empty box later.

Go inside your pick up location between the pick-up hours and ask them where the Talley boxes are. Be sure and sign next to your name to be sure you are on the list, otherwise you will take someone else’s box. Please pick up your box on the day it is delivered. Produce is perishable and our pick-up locations do not have refrigeration. Please return your empty box at your convenience to any one of our pick up locations, many of which have our box holders.

Yes! Just be sure they sign next to your name on the list at the pick up location.

Yes! Just sign into your account and choose “change location.” You can change it permanently or just for one time. If it’s just a one time change, be sure and change it back after your pick up day.

Call your pick up location first thing in the morning to see if it is still there. Talley Farms does not pick up left over boxes at locations nor do we know who picked up and who didn’t. Customers are responsible for remembering to pick up their box on the day it is delivered.

If your box is not at your location the following day please contact us at [email protected] or 805-489-5401. Boxes that are not picked up at our locations are donated to local food distribution facilities or are enjoyed by employees of our pick up locations. The food will not go to waste.

Then we did not deliver a box for you and you were not charged. Please contact us at [email protected] or 805-489-5401. Most likely it is not your week to receive a box, or your box was put on hold by someone in your family, or your credit card did not go through in the morning and we contacted you by phone.

Then someone else took your box. Please contact us at [email protected] or 805-489-5401 and we’ll either credit your account or get you a new box.

If you pick up your Talley Farms Fresh Harvest at one of our convenient pick up locations, please return your empty box from your previous pick up. Please carefully fold your box, being careful not to rip it. Most of our drop locations have a container where you can return your empty boxes. We get back about 80% of our boxes for reuse. As most of us know, cats love empty boxes and may be tempted to sleep in yours. For food safety reasons, we line each box with a new food-safe, paper liner. Please do not return this paper liner as we cannot reuse it. Please recycle it.

For food safety. We reuse your box and we do want to put your food in a used box that another member had in their garage. Cats love boxes! Your paper liner is recyclable so discard in your blue trash can. Or, fold it up and store it for future use.

Some items like green beans or brussels sprouts need to be weighed and will roll around in your box if they are not bagged. Bagging some items keeps them from bruising. Plus, most produce items need to be put in a bag to stay fresh longer in your refrigerator. Reuse the baggies in your box.

For local pick-up, please see your email or our website for pick up hours at your specific location. For Local Home Delivery, our drivers start delivery around 11 am and finish around 6 pm. For shipping box delivery by GLS or UPS, your box will be delivered to your home or office between 8 am and 5 pm.

We deliver on the Central Coast of California to pick-up locations from Paso Robles down to Goleta. We also have delivery and pick up locations in Bakersfield, Taft, New Cuyama, Lone Pine, Bishop, and Mammoth Lakes. We do local home delivery in SLO County and Santa Maria. We can ship our boxes to most anywhere in California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Our shipping boxes are packed and shipped the same day and are delivered in one to two days depending on your location. To confirm delivery availability, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by calling us at 805-489-5401.

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