Our team is dedicated to serving you the absolute best local produce

From knowledgeable production people to dedicated packing and delivery employees, to the best customer service team, we strive everyday in supplying the best produce farm boxes you can find anywhere.

Brian Talley

Brian Talley

President/CEO, Owner

Brian is a third generation farmer who started working on the farm in 1978 when he was 12.  Brian graduated from UC Berkeley before returning to Talley Farms in 1989.  In addition to his role on the farm, Brian also serves as President of Talley Vineyards, the family’s highly regarded winery.  In 2010, Brian had the idea to start the Talley Farms Box program based on the wine club subscription model popular in the wine industry.  Brian loves to cook and wrote an acclaimed cookbook called Our California Table, which celebrates the produce and wines we produce.

Ryan Talley

Ryan Talley

Director of Operations, Owner

As Director of Operations, Ryan oversees all farming and production aspects of Talley Farms, including the Talley Farms Box program. Ryan was born and raised in Arroyo Grande and began working on the farm in the same way his brother and cousin started: picking beans. He graduated from Purdue University before returning to the farm to work alongside his uncle Don Talley who was the President and CEO of Talley Farms at that time. Ryan would use this knowledge to write the custom computer program that we use today to manage farm operations.

Todd Talley

Todd Talley

Chief Financial Officer, Owner

Like his cousin Brian and brother Ryan, Todd was born and raised in Arroyo Grande and got his start at Talley Farms as a 12 year old in the bean field. Todd graduated from UC Berkeley before joining Talley Farms full time in 1992, where he worked closely with his aunt Rosemary in the produce sales office. He now serves as CFO, where he oversees all sales and administration for the company. Todd likes to joke that he “has gone from bean picker to bean counter.” Todd is recognized as a leader in our community and his church.

Rosemary Talley

Rosemary Talley

Corporate Secretary, Owner

Brian’s mother and Todd and Ryan’s aunt, Rosemary is considered the “matriarch” of Talley Farms and does “everything nobody else wants to do.” Rosemary was raised in Marysville California and married Don Talley in 1962 after both had graduated from UC Berkeley. She would later earn a Masters Degree at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo before becoming a mathematics instructor there. Rosemary joined Talley Farms in 1977 where she established the sales office and came to be respected as a pioneering woman in the produce industry.

lisa loogman

Lisa Loogman

Talley Farms Box Manager

Lisa graduated from Cal Poly in 2013 with a degree in Agricultural Business. Two weeks after graduating, she started an internship at Talley Farms and quickly made herself indispensable, doing everything from office tasks, to packing boxes in the cooler, to helping promote Talley Boxes at local events. Over the past 10 years with the company, Lisa has been involved in every facet of this program, including overseeing customer service, implementing our home delivery program, managing our truck fleet, and initiating everyone’s new favorite: online customization! She looks forward to continuing to grow and promote the convenience of healthy eating through the Talley Boxes. When not at work, Lisa enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking with her dog and riding her horses.

michelle cordova

Michelle Cordova

Talley Farms Box Procurement & Marketing

Michelle grew up in Los Osos and graduated from Cal Poly in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Wine and Viticulture. Her passion for agriculture led her to leave the wine industry and pursue sales at Talley Farms in 2019, where she quickly found her passion for produce. During her time in the sales office, she learned how to oversee produce quality, adapt to the impact weather has on production and manage the timely transportation of fresh produce. Michelle brought all of this knowledge with her when she moved over to the Talley Farms Box Program in 2024 and took over purchasing produce for the boxes. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, making cocktails and taking pictures of her new creations so check out our recipe page for inspiration from Michelle!

cindy bevans

Cindy Bevans

Talley Farms Box Customer Service

Cindy started working in the main office at Talley Farms in 2019 and jumped over to the Talley Box program during the pandemic, when we had a rush of new customers signing up. Cindy is our Talley Box cheerleader, promoting our program at local events, giving tours to members of the community, and chatting with customers who call in for assistance. Before coming to Talley Farms, Cindy and her registered therapy dog, Remington, worked with at-risk children, visiting hospitals, and attending events to reduce stress and bring joy to children and adults. Cindy is a huge animal lover and enjoys spending time with all furry creatures. She also is a semi-professional bowler and has competed overseas for team USA, winning 3 gold medals! Cindy now enjoys her free time as a golfer, hiker and biker and loves discovering new trails on our beautiful California Central Coast.

tony wheyland

Tony Wheyland

Talley Farms Organic Production Manager

Tony joined the Talley Farms Team in the Fall of 2020 when he and his beautiful wife, Alicia, returned to the Central Coast after living in Baja, Mexico where Tony was an Organic Herb Production Manager for 9 years. Tony earned a B.S. in Agribusiness Marketing from Cal Poly back in 1997, is an American Society of Agronomy Certified Crop Advisor and a Licensed Pest Control Crop Advisor. He is responsible for overseeing the growing and harvesting of the organic crops we grow here at Talley Farms for the boxes. A natural green thumb with a passion for organic growing, he has been instrumental in improving our organic soil and thereby improving the quality of our produce. Along with overseeing the organic crops for our Talley Boxes, he also manages the seed crops for Talley Farms.

jose chairez

Jose Chairez

Talley Farms Box Warehouse Manager

Jose Chairez is our Warehouse Manager and oversees the packing of your Talley Boxes. From receiving produce, tracking inventory, overseeing the packing lines, and getting the trucks loaded for delivery, Jose keeps everything moving smoothly and efficiently in our packing shed. Packing boxes and doing the detailed cleaning required for our food safety program can be mundane tasks but Jose keeps everyone entertained and laughing while they work. Jose grew up in Nipomo and was an athlete in high school, playing organized soccer and basketball. After high school, he attended Allan Hancock College and then transferred to Long Beach State where he earned his Bachelors in Sociology with a minor in Marketing. After graduating, Jose moved back to the Central Coast and began working for the Talley Farms Box Program in 2022. We’re happy to have him making sure each box is packed to order with the best quality produce California has to offer!

anna herlihy

Anna Herlihy

Talley Farms Box Representative – Bakersfield

Originally from the Central Coast, Anna graduated from Arroyo Grande High School, married her high school sweetheart and raised her three children. Anna and her sister successfully owned a local coffee shop in Grover Beach where she says the most rewarding part was getting close to the community she loves. Anna relocated to Bakersfield almost 3 years ago in support of her husband’s profession and stays busy in community events and their children’s sports. With her Central Coast roots, Anna was the perfect fit to join our team in 2023 as our Representative in Bakersfield. When not out promoting our Talley Boxes, she enjoys hiking in the mountains, gorgeous ocean views, reading and getting to know people!

Randy Chavez

Randy Chavez

Talley Farms Box Quality Assurance Manager

Randy is what we fondly call “an ol’ produce guy,” (although he’s not old!) As one of the owners of a large wholesale produce company in Albuquerque, Randy was their principal West Coast buyer and one of Andrea’s biggest customers at Dole Fresh Vegetables back in the 1980s. That’s how they met and eventually married! Randy has expert knowledge of quality and handling of all sorts of fruits and vegetables and plays a big role in keeping the quality of our Talley Boxes at a high level. He also advises on availability and helps plan which produce items are to be included in future boxes.

Talley Farms Box Team

There are 20-30 people that work for the Talley Farms Box Program, in the office, fields and cooler. We have both full-time and part-time staff including husband and wife teams and students at Cal Poly, Cuesta and Hancock Colleges. We encourage our employees to to go to school and we support them by being flexible with their class schedules. We also offer scholarships to employees and employees’ children who are currently enrolled in college courses.

Farm Address

2900 Lopez Drive
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420