We grow on prime farmland in the Arroyo Grande Valley

We are located on the Central Coast of California, just south of San Luis Obispo and about 10 miles inland from Pismo Beach. Our county is known for the many microclimates within its boundaries, so we also grow year round in the nearby Edna and Huasna Valleys.

Working together

As part of Talley Farms who grows wholesale vegetables on 1600 crop acres, the Talley Farms Box Program has access to resources that allow us to bring you the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables available. Our program grows over 40 different items on about 50 acres of certified organic soil including raspberries, blackberries, shishito peppers and heirloom tomatoes.

We support other local farms by purchasing produce we don’t grow such as blueberries, See Canyon apples and peaches, strawberries, kiwi and oranges to give you the best in-season variety throughout the year.

Sustainability and food safety is our priority

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Sustainable Farming

Our farming methods support good stewardship of the natural systems and resources that our farm relies on. Among other things, this involves building and maintaining healthy soil, managing water wisely, minimizing air, water and climate pollution and promoting biodiversity.

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Organic sprays and fertilizers

What we grow for the boxes is grown organically. When we buy from other farms, we choose organic first if it’s available. We focus on local first, organic when available, which gives our boxes more year-round variety and higher quality.


Non-GMO Seed

All our seed is non-GMO for both conventional and organic crops.

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Strict food safety standards

We have a complete food safety department dedicated to complying with the latest government and organization safety requirements.


Our goal with the Fresh Harvest program is to serve our members by providing an exceptional box full of fresh, good tasting locally grown fruits and vegetables year round. As much as possible, this includes organic produce, but in the winter months, much of the available organic produce comes out of Mexico. We focus on local first, organic when available. We believe that consumers should strive to eat more produce, period. Restricting oneself to organically grown produce limits the variety and nutrition available from eating locally and seasonally.

Thanks for your support of our farm, our employees, our community and our earth. We welcome you to our farm for a tour and we look forward to the opportunity to teach more consumers about farming, agriculture and the importance of eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables.

Learn more about how we grow

All of our fruits and vegetables are pre-cooled and packed in a cooler

When produce is harvested in the field it’s hot from growing and from the sun. We get the heat out before packing in your box using one of the four different methods of pre-cooling: vacuum, hydro, forced-air, and icing. This is one reason our produce lasts longer in your refrigerator. Our Talley Farms Boxes are also packed inside a cooler and delivered to pick up locations in our refrigerated trucks the same day they are packed.

We’re proud to be a part of Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) brings farmers and communities together by providing a way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farmers.

When you buy from local farmers, you:

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Farm Address

2900 Lopez Drive
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420